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The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty

I actually did not get a chance to read Big Little Lies before I watched it on Amazon Prime. I think I binged the first season the same day and the second season the following weekend. I have to admit I really liked the show and as a reader I definitely do not want to judge the book by the series, so I will read the book when I get a chance. But that did interested me to go and look for Moriarty's other novels as I liked the genre she writes about. I picked up an used copy of The Husband's  Secret from Powell's in Portland. I took it with me to the coast in our weekend getaway in Oregon, and finished the whole book in almost less than a day. I felt I was reading Big little Lies some kind of spin-off. I liked the book and her writing style. It is great for vacation reading or if you want to read something in the flight, she has the ability to hook you up to the pages. But after watching Big Little Lies I felt this book had almost the similar theme, similar setting and a 3 women perspective (almost similar to BLL)

it was slightly repetitive for me. The ending of the book will give you some longer thoughts and if a series ever made on this book can have multiple alternative endings. The story crafting is otherwise great and you might love it if you haven't read or watched BLL. This slightly fell short of my expectation as I did not do it in the order (I think she wrote this book before BLL). If you read this one before BLL you will probably like both.